Saturday, July 20, 2024

Our Difference

We  differentiate  ourselves  in  the  telecommunications  marketplace  by  providing  outstanding  service, innovation  and  industry  thought  leadership. To  monitor  our  progress  and  encourage  candid  collaboration with  our  clients,  we  established  the  ‘Service  Excellence’  program,  in  short,  we  get  the  job  done!  This  is instrumental to our success in cultivating and maintaining long-term business relationships.

Experience and reputation:
QTE  has  broad  ranging  experience  and  a  first  class  reputation  with  many  leading  manufacturers  of Telecommunications and Energy equipment.

Financial stability:
QTE is a financially stable entity, with the ability to engage in projects of all sizes. Through our long standing relationships with financial institutions we are able to arrange project financing.

Service excellence:
QTE  prides  itself  on  providing  top  quality  throughout  its  portfolio  of  services.  All  work  delivered  by  the company  will  be  supported  for  the  duration  of  the  guarantee  period.  Our  Quality  Management  System adheres to ISO 9001/2008 principles.

Insurance cover:
QTE  is  fully  insured  and  is  fully  covered  with  all  the  required  insurance  policies  complying  with  local  laws and our client’s specific requests. These policies include ‘Public Liability’, Group Personal Accident’, ‘All Risks’, Workmen’s Compensation’, Fidelity Guarantees’ and ‘Fire & Theft’.